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Forensic Medical

Dr. Dhaval Patel (Associate Professor)

  1. Dhaval J. Patel. Age estimation from teeth using Gustafson’s Method in 70 cases.
  2. Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (JFMT) 2007.

DR. ANKUR PATEL (Assistant Professor)

  1. Solanki Piyush K, Patel Ankur P. Fine needle aspiration cytology as a diagnostic procedure in Head & Neck swelling. National Journal of Community Medicine. 2012;3(3):433-436.
  2. Patel A P, Bansal A. Study of hanging cases in Ahmedabad region. Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine. 2012;34(4):342-345.
  3. Patel Ankur P. Profile of Fatal Two Wheeler Accidental cases in Ahmedabad. National Journal of Integrated Research and Medicine. 2013;4(1):45-48.
  4. Bansal A , Patel Ankur P. Pattern of spot death cases brought to V.S. general hospital, Ahmedabad.: A retrospective study. 2013;35(2):131-133.
  5. Prabhakaran K, Manish Lamoria, Patel Ankur P. Rare duplication of ureters – left showing two divisions, right showing four divisions with anomalous right kidney. 2013;5 (7): 97-101.
  6. Dr Tarun Kotadia, Dr Ankur Patel. Retrospective study of ABO & Rh blood groups in blood donors of Dharpur. National Journal of Integrated Research and Medicine. 2013;4 (6):91-93.
  7. Patel Ankur P. Study of Violent Asphyxial deaths. International Journal of Tehran (on line). 2013.

Chest and tuberculosis

Dr Kiran C Rami, Associate professor

  1. Khara NV, Patel AK, Rami KC, Ganchi FD. Comparison of bronchodilatory efficacy potential of racemic salbutamol and levosalbutamol in patients with mild to moderate persistent asthama. National J medical research 2013;3:233-235.
  2. Patel AK, Rami KC, Ghanchi FD. Radiological manifestation in patients of pulmonary tuberculosis with HIV. National j medical research 2012;2:420-2.
  3. Patel AK, Rami KC, Ghanchi FD. Clinical profile of sputum positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients with diabetes mellitus in a teaching hospital at Jamnagar, Gujarat. National j medical research 2012;2:309-312.

Dept of Pediatrics.

Dr Pareshkumar A. Thakkar, Associate Professor

  1. Thakkar PA, Aiyer S. Effect of Amnioinfusion on outcome of neonates born with Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid. NJIRM 2012; Vol. 3(2). April-June
  2. Thakkar PA, Aiyer S. Outcome of babies born with meconium stained amniotic fluid. Ind J of Research – Paripax. 2012; vol I(2), 163-165
  3. Thakkar PA, Aiyer S, Marathe D. Umbilical cord blood pH & base deficit in relation to short term neonatal morbidity and mortality in term asphyxiated newborns. Ind J of Research – Paripax. 2012; Vol I(2), 160-162.
  4. Thakkar PA, Aiyer S, Patel KK, Mehta KA. Incidence and risk factors associated with invasive fungal infections in neonates admitted in NICU. Ind J of Applied Research. 2012; Vol I(7) 161-163.
  5. Thakkar PA, Phanse S.Bioethics in Pediatric Practise. Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 2012; 41
  6. Niranjan S, Thakkar PA. Communication skills to ensure patient satisfaction Indian Journal of Pediatrics. Indian J Pediatr. 2013 Nov;80(11):938-43.
  7. Thakkar PA, Aiyer S, Shah B. Asphyxiating Thoracic Dystrophy ( Jeune syndrome) Journal of Case Reports. 2012; Vol 2(1), 15-17
  8. Thakkar PA, Phanse S, Shukla O, Nayak S, Javdekar B. An unusual Case of Gastric Teratoma. Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 2013; 41(1): 54-55
  9. Thakkar PA, Shukla O, Phanse S, Javadekar B. An interesting case of Congenital Pharyngeal Diverticulum. Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 2012,41
  10. Thakkar PA, Dahat A, Shukla O, Javdekar B. An interesting case of Visceral Larva Migrans (VLM). International J of Med Science and Public Health. 2012; Vol1(2), 101-104.

Research papers

  1. Clinical and Demographic Profile of Cases Requiring Ear Lobe Repair in North Gujarat. AK Khilnani, R Thaddanee. National Journal of Medical Research 3 (2), 140-2.
  2. A Comparative Study Of Prostaglandin E2 Gel With Oxytocin Infusion for Induction Of Labor. Archana Sharma, Monika Singh, Priti Bala Sahay, Suneet K Upadhyaya, Rekha Thaddanee, Ajeet K Khilnani. National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine 4 (6), 111-5.
  3. Anti vertigo Drugs-Revisited. AK Khilnani, R Thaddanee, G Khilnani. National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine 4 (4), 118-28.
  4. SGLT-2 inhibitors: the glucosuric antidiabetics. R Thaddanee, AK Khilnani, G Khilnani. International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology 2 (4), 347-52.
  5. Lymphangiomatous Tonsillar polyp. A Khilnani, R Thaddanee, JR Talsania. National Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery 1 (2), 31-2.
  6. Lipoid proteinosis (Urbach-Wiethe disease) in two siblings. Accepted for publication in Indian Dermatology Online Journal (2014).
  7. The smoked drum. G Khilnani, R Thaddanee, AK Khilnani. Indian Journal of Pharmacology 45 (6), 643-5.
  8. Semantics of Drug Nomenclature. G Khilnani, AK Khilnani, R Thaddanee. National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy & Pharmacology 4 (1), 95-8.

Dr. Unnati ashari, Assistant professor, pediatrics

  1. Ashari US, Suvera MS, Kharadi AH, Damor PB, Shah MT, Patel MB, open appendicectomy stump,july- September 2013;vol 1(3),248-251
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