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Dr.Amar Shah – Associate Professor

  1. Fine needle aspiration cytology of superficial lymph nodes (a study of 150 cases in rural based teaching hospital), International Journal of Medical Sciences and Technology, Volume 5/ Issue 5/2012, Pg. 21-25
  2. Study Of Hematological Parameters Among Neonates Admitted With Neonatal Jaundice. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences/Volume1/ Issue3/July-Sept 2012, Pg. 203-08
  3. Hematological Parameters in Anaemic Pregnant Women Attending the Antenatal Clinic Of Rural Teaching Hospital. Innovative Journal of Medical and Health Science 2: 5 Sep – Oct (2012), Pg. 70 – 73
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  6. Essential Thrombocythemia in a Patient With Portal and Superior Mesenteric Vein Thrombosis, GCSMC Journal of Medical Sciences, Volume 1/Issue2/ July- December 2012.Pg 64-66

Dr Harshid patel, Assistant professor, Pathology

  1. Patel hl, marwadi mr, rupani m, patel p. Prevalence and associated factors of back pain among dentists in south gujarat national journal of medical research 2012; 2(2):229-31.
  2. Supekar SN, Patel HL. Prevalence of hepatitis b virus infection in young students of anand national journal of medical research 2012; 2(3):299-301
  3. Patel hl, amit m, hren p. Use of transdermal gel of sildenafil citrate in sexual dysfunction International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research 2012;3(11):4131-34
  4. Patel HL, Gor SK, Shah AM, Jatin D. Prevalence of vitamin B-12 deficiency in highersocio-economical class of bhuj-kutch International Organization of Scientific Research – Journal of Pharmacy 2012; 2(5):01-03.
  5. Maniyar A, Patel HL, Parmar BH. Study of Cytodiagnosis of Head and Neck Neoplastic Lesions and comparision with Histopathology. International Journal of Head & Neck Surgery 2013;4(3):119-22
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