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Dr Manish R Ramavat. Professor, Physiology

  1. Anuja S Akulwar, Balaji W Ghugare, Ramji Singh, Neeraj Kanchankar, Manjiri Joshi, Manish Ramawat. .) Clinical and electrophysiological evaluation of carpel tunnel syndrome in diabetes mellitus to assess association of age, gender, and duration of diabetes on median neuropathy at wrist. The Health Agenda, Online ISSN No: 2330-3749. Page no: 71-76
  2. Piyush Rameshchandra Ramawat, Manish Rameshchandra Ramawat, Balaji Wasudeo Ghugare, Rohini G.Vaishnav, Manjiri Uttam Joshi. Prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy in Western Indian Type 2 Diabetic Population: A Hospital –based Cross-Sectional study. Journal of clinical and diagnosis research, 2013 jul, vol-7(7)Page no: 1387-1390
  3. Balaji W Ghugare, Manish R Ramawat, Manjiri U Joshi and Ramji Singh. Impact of age, height, weight and body mass index on sural sensory and soleus H-reflex study measures in healthy central Indian population. The Health Agenda, Volume 1, Issue 1, January,2013 Page no: 4-9
  4. Dr.Ramavat Manish R, Dr. Ghugare Balaji W, Dr. Dinkar Mukesh R, Dr. N Murli Krishna. Prevalance of Cardiac Autonomic neuropathy In patients With Diabetes. National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine (NJIRM) 2012; Vol. 3(3). July-August Page no: 15-19.

Dr.Rajesh Mohan : Associate Professor Physiology

  1. Jain Sharad, Mohan Rajesh. Effect of lateral positions of body on autonomic nervous system. Journal of advance researches in biological sciences, ,2011:3(1a)Page no: 34-37
  2. Mohan Rajesh, Jain Sharad. Effect of isometric and isotonic exercise on visual reaction time and auditory reaction time in young adults. Journal of advance researches in biological sciences, 2011 vol-3(1a)Page no: 31-33.

Dr.Rachit Joshi : Associate Professor Physiology

  1. Rachit joshi, saurin sanghavi, devanshi upadhyaya. Assessment of selected cardiac functions of sportsperson of vadodara city. National journal of medical research. Volume 2 issue 1 jan – march page 47-50.
  2. Rachit m joshi1, saurin j sanghavi2, devanshi p upadhyaya3, ashutosh chauhan4, shital halvadia5. Effect of examination stress on the plasma Cortisol level. National journal of medical research print volume 2│issue 4│oct – dec 2012 page 435-438.

Dr.R.B.Prajapati: Assistant Professor Physiology

  1. Tarun Das,R.B. Prajapati, M. Pujara, H.Jana. Cardio-respiratory adaptation in normal Pregnancy. Indian J. of Physiol. Pharmacol. Vol. 25 (5), page 401,1979.
  2. M. Pujara,R.B.prajapati,Tarun Das, H. Jana. Effect of actual exercise and of emotion of exercise on blood picture in waking and in hypnosis. Soc. Clin. & Exp. Hypn.Kranj Page : 203- 207 ,1980.

Dr.Manish Lamoria : Assistant Professor Physiology

  1.  Prabhakaran kattimuthu, manish lamoria, ankur prahalad bhai patel, rupesh kumar. Rare duplication of ureters – left showing two divisions and right showing four divisions with anomalous right kidney. International journal of current research and review. ijcrr. 2013; 5(7): 97-101.
  2. Manish lamoria, r. k prabhakaran, soumi h chaudhuri, j m jadeja. The relation of falciparum infection with human blood groups. njirm. 2013; 4(6): 23-28.
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