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Preventive And Social Medicine

Dr Rajesh Mehta


1st July 2010 to March 2014

Developing & testing of educational material for imparting knowledge of health science to community through school & college girls in 5 districts of Gujarat. Sponsored by Department of science & Technology, GOI.

1st  August 2010 to continue

Phase – II of following project

1st May 2009 to  31st July 2009

Research carried out in collaboration with IIM, Ahmedabad & Aberdeen University, U.K. for an international project on infection control for prevention of maternal morbidity & mortality.  Based on findings a paper was presented in an international workshop in June 2009 at Ahmedabad. (Phase – I : Need Assessment)  


 Change in dietary habits of school children with Nutrition        education in 20 villages of Anand district.

1999 -  2000

        Application of Solar Energy for Autoclaving.


        WHO Sponsored project on Hospital Waste Management.


      " KAP  study on AIDS among college students".

1996 - 1997

       1.Spacing method (Condom) promotion. ( Ford   foundation    project on CSSM)

       2.Womens morbidity reduction by volunteers of village           ( Ford foundation    project on CSSM )

       3.Reduction of anemia in women by volunteers of village. 

   ( Ford foundation    project on CSSM )

      4.Study of "Lactation Failure" in Radhanpur.

           (Ford foundation    project on CSSM )

1996 - 1997

        Evaluation of School Health project (Ahmedabad Muni. Corporation)

1996 - 1997

      "Health status of sewerage workers of Ahmedabad city".

1996 - 1997

       Hospital Waste Management under USAID-CEE Research      Voucher Programme.

1992 -  1993

      Morbidity pattern of  common  diseases  at Village Ardi.



Details of Research Publications:


Sr. No

Name of Article

Year of Publication e.g Vol(issue), Year

Name of Journal (as on the Front Page of Journal)

Whether Journal is Indexed (Yes/No)

State/ National / International



Longitudinal Epidemiological study of coronary heart disease

/ 96 / 060373-07            1996 ; 41:373-379        

Soz Praventivemed

yes    0308-8408




Anemia – A simple community based diagnostic tool

Vol:1 , issue :1             July-Dec 2010            Page : 53-55

Health line

yes          ISSN 2229-337X




Morbidity profile of brick kiln workers

Vol:1 , issue :1             July-Dec 2010            Page : 41-44

health line

yes          ISSN 2229-337X




Infection control in delviery care units

2011 , 11:37

BMC Pregnancy & Child birth

yes           ISSN: 1471-2393.




The effect of surveillance and appreciative inquiry on puerperal infections

01/2014;             9(1):   e 87378

PloS one

yes      ISSN:          1932-6203




Impact of a public-private partnership on the proportion of caesarean section

Vol : 381 (Suppl 2): Page : S121.                 17-06-2013


yes          ISSN : 0140 - 6736




Initial results on the impact of Chiranjeevi Yojana

Vol : 381 Page : S98                  17-06-2013


yes          ISSN : 0140 - 6736




Morbidity including Silicotuberculosis among the mine workers of Rajasthan

Vol 1, Issue 2 December 2013

The Journal of Integrated Health Sciences

yes         ISSN: 2249-9571





Dr. Rakesh Ninama

  1. Pediatric hospitalization for 2009 pandemic influenza A(H1N1) in Saurashtra region, India, Journal of Pediatric sciences, 2010; e37.
  2. Clinico epidemiological features of the hospitalized patients with 2009 pandemic Influenza A(H1N1) virus 9Sept 2009 to Feb 2010), Lung India, Vol 2, Issue 1, Jan-Mar 2011

Dr. Krunal Modi

  1. An Interventional Study on Feeding Advice as per The Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI) Guidelines in Children of Ahmedabad City, Gujarat State in Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health Volume 13 (2); 2011
  2. Investigation of an Outbreak of Diphtheria in Dabela Village of Amirgagh Taluka and CHC, District, Banaskantha, Gujarat (Current Scenario) in National Journal of Community Medicine Volume 2 (2); 2011
  3. An Epidemic Investigation of Cholera Outbreak in Ratanpur Village at Kheroj Primary Health Center of Khedbramha Taluka of Sabarkantha District, Gujarat State in B. J. Kines Volume 3 (1); 2011
  4. A Study of investigation report on death audit due to malaria in New Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad City, Gujarat, India in Healthline Volume 3 (1); 2012
  5. Rapid assessment of Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI) implementation in Mehsana district, North Gujarat, India in Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health Volume 14 (3); 2012
  6. A rapid assessment of some clinical and entomological indices in East, Central and North zone of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Gujarat, India in The Health Agenda Volume 1 (1); 2013
  7. A study on risk factors associated with HIV patients and in general population – a case control study in Ahmedabad city in International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health Volume 2 (4); 2013
  8. Clinico-epidemiological and Socio-demographic Profile of HIV Positive Patients, Visiting Clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in International Journal of Health Sciences & Research Volume 3 (6); 2013
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